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UROLOGY - Checkup Packages

Problems related to urology system can lead to many serious problems such as sprain to pass urine, narrow stream of urine, unwanted and untimely flow of urine, finding blood in the urine samples, unfinished evacuation of the bladder, and cancer formation.

The main target of Urology as a specialty dealing with human organs of ureters, urethra, urinary bladder and kidneys, is finding the problems as early as possible, because if not found and cured properly, then there will be suffering from pain and many other unpleasant consequences that could be have prevented easily.

With the help of Urology Checkup plan, we have covered prostate check, kidney stones check, bloody urine check, and overactive bladder health check.

Prostate Checkup: It includes the opening of the bladder and diseases like prostate cancer.

Kidney Stone Checkup: It can cause several problems such as renal failure, impediment, and urinary tract infection.

Overactive Bladder Checkup: It is a major concern for people above 40 years old, the problem include urge incontinence and urinary frequency and night wetting.

Haematuria (blood in urine) Checkup: If there is blood passage in the urine, you need to undergo this health checkup as there is a possibility of some serious conditions like infection, Bladder or Kidney cancer, and stone disease.

For your well-being and safety, we do advises you to do the complete health check up for your Urology organs that we are offering and before it is too late or complicated, and before any suffering and expensive outcomes.

The full check up is only for AED 950 and you will have: