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PEDIATRICS - Vaccination

Vaccines are biologic substances that induce body immunity against certain Bacteria or Viruses in order to prevent contagious diseases.

As a fact, and as per statistics, vaccines are the best thing that human beings invented for the sake of human beings all through the history, vaccines have saved lives since started more than any single measure implemented at all times.

Now a days and because of vaccination there are no more two major diseases Smallpox and Poliomyelitis that were taking lives of millions of people all over the word, and were leaving other millions crippled and paralyzed.

So no doubt that the vaccines are very important, and if some people have anything against them, that for sure because of lack of knowledge or because of some bad experiences some people had, but if we will do everything right then the benefit definitely will be great and the side effects will be minimal.

Of course some risks might be there as it is everywhere….Nearly 1.3 million people dying in road crashes every year, but we are still using cars every day, we need always to do our best to minimize that risk by using good cars, having good roads,….etc.

Same with the vaccines if we will have everything right then the risk will be minimal, and the benefit is maximum, and to achieve that we have our own principles toward this issue (please read below).