For Inquires and Appointments please call 04-4522208
Or Russian line: 050-1859039 (only for Russian Language)


We do provide a wide range of specialist pediatric services as well as speaking 3 languages fluently, English, Arabic and Russian.

  • New born checkups.
  • Diagnosis & Treatment of medical problems throughout childhood and Adolescence.
  • Follow up and management of high risk infants.
  • Treatment of acute illnesses including, fevers, ear infections, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, coughs and much more.
  • Recognition and management of chronic illnesses, respiratory diseases and asthma.
  • Issuing medical reports about health status and for children attending Schools/ Nurseries for the first time, sick leaves for Schools/ Nurseries when Kids are sick and sick leaves for work to the working mothers of sick children who need to stay with them home for care during their sickness.
  • Growth & Development Assessment and follow- ups.
  • Vaccination programs,  Free Evaluation of vaccination records in any language and done anywhere, and giving recommendations of what is missing and what is ideally to be done, and to put all together in one international vaccination card in three language (English, Russian, and Arabic).
  • Introducing all Vaccines for Kids, Adults, and Travelers.
  • All laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures.
  • Diagnosis of Allergic and Congenital Conditions.
  • Nutritional advices,  evaluation the Dietary Habits, and giving recommendations to avoid obesity and allergy.


We are here to give advice, we are ready to treat assess and follow up with you so you can lead the healthiest happiest possible life for your children.

When dealing with the health of your loved ones do not hesitate to come in for a consultation now.