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Pediatrics (Children diseases medicine) is the branch of medicine dealing with the health and medical care of infants, children, and adolescents from birth up to the age of 18.

The word “paediatrics” means “healer of children”; they are derived from two Greek words:

(pais = child) and (iatros = doctor or healer).

What are Pediatricians for!!:

Pediatricians’ goal and ambition is to reduce infant and child rate of deaths, control the spread of infectious disease, promote healthy lifestyles for a long disease-free life and help ease the problems of children and adolescents with chronic conditions.

We know the importance of care for your children from birth to adolescents and we are here to support and provide the best care for you and your children.

At our Medical Centers we are providing the best possible medical services for the prevention and treatment of diseases, we are serving the community in UAE since 2005.

With years of clinical expertise, our Specialist Pediatrician has the welfare and wellbeing of your child first and foremost.

We always wish you and your beloved kids the best health, but if something went wrong, we are always ready and happy to help you in a professional way, and still for most reasonable and fair fees in the area.