For Inquires and Appointments please call 04-4522208
Or Russian line: 050-1859039 (only for Russian Language)

About Mom School:

For the first time in Dubai at American Medical Center is now open a Moms’ school to prepare pregnant ladies for safer delivery and to train them for newborn care.

Our program includes: Theoretical Classes, Physical Fitness, and Psychological preparation for normal and cesarean deliveries.

At Moms School, Practical classes will include fitness exercises supervised by our professional licensed trainers to prepare your muscle groups involved in the process of delivery.

Physiotherapists will show you the needed daily exercises, will perform manual therapy, and applied physiotherapy procedures needed after either caesarean section or normal deliveries.

Your Moms’ School Package will include free Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dental, and Physical Therapy Consultations and examination.

Moms’ School is really your comprehensive theoretical and practical guide during pregnancy, and you can join the program at any stage of it.